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Skype guitar lessons
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Welcome to my Personal Ramblings

In this section i will post news information and video links that i think might be of interest to you. Basically a section for me to have some fun. Hope you enjoy.



A Working Guitarists Guide to Getting Work

Ways To make The Dream A Reality

Most people dream of turning music into a career when they start playing an instrument.
While not all of us make it to stadium level, some of us are lucky enough to turn ourpassion into a viable career.

How to prepare for the job of a cruise ship musician

how to use Audacity to slow down audio tracks for practising



Ways you should organize your practice time



String Bending Lesson by Shaun Baxter



Review of the Fishman Triple Play Midi Controller



How to use plugins with the Fishman Triple Play midi controller



testing the new Blackstar LT distortion pedal



testing the new Blackstar HT 5 Metal amp



Review of the Levinson Blade Telecastor



Review of the Dave Mustane Rust In Peace VNMT Guitar



Review of the Blackstar Id Series 15 Watt Combo



How to use the Fishman Triple Play for notaion editing



Steve Via

Interview with Steve Vai as his talks about his guitars and rig



Peter Frampton

Interview with Peter Frampton as his talks about his guitars and rig



Brian May

Interview with Brian May as his talks about his guitars and rig



Zakk Wylde

Interview with Zakk Wylde as his talks about his guitars and rig

Guitar Pro: the best tablature editor software
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