Skype guitar lessons
Skype guitar lessons
Skype Guitar Lessons Online
Skype Guitar Lessons Online

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the years i have used a variaty of Guitars, Amps and Effects depending on the point of my musical carrer. So I thought you might to look at what i currently use and what items i still have from my past lives.


I have never considered myself a guitar collector, over the years i have bought a few but then decided to sell them as my taste and style changed. Moving around various country's with a large selection of guitars never appealed to me. My first real guitar was a Gold Honor Les Paul. I loved that guitar and being a huge Jimmy Page fan at the time i though I was in Heaven and not just climbing the stairway to it.


I actually bought my current Fender Stratocastor back in 1983, I was running a few Master Classes back in Kent in the UK. I looked around the class and every student had a better guitar than the one iws using in the lesson. So i though i had better up my game.


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