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Jenny Don't Be Hasty In Depth Lesson

Hi, In this lesson I look at the Song Jenny Don't Be Hasty by Paolo Nutini. In the video I go through the chord progression in the verses and chorus sections. Then i dicuss ways to approach the guitsr solo section that the student has to improvise.

Here is a diagram of the F# minor Pentationic that was mentioned in the video.

The diagram below indicated the notes that are chord tones in the scale and should be used to to finish a amal section of a lick that you create for the solo.

Jenny Don't Be Hasty Practice loop for the guitar solo
Download this mp3 file to your PC/Laptop. You can then practice and experiment with various licks and phrases without having to keep stop starting the standard backing track.
Jenny Practice Loop.mp3
MP3 audio file [22.4 MB]
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