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Money - Pink Floyd Trinity Rock & Pop Grade 5

In this lesson we look at Money by Pink Floyd.


First thing to note is the time signature which is a new one for the course, this is a 7/8 time signature. Commonly know as a "odd" time signature.


This means there are 7 beats in a bar counting with quavers or eight notes


so we get a count like this  1 & 2 & 3 & 4 & 5 & 6 & 7 &


Take your time when learning to play the verse section making sure that you dont play on the 1 count of each bar.



Practice the guitar line played over the F#m7 chord seperatly, then combine the main strumming pattern with the guitar line the going back into the verse.


The Sax Solo is fairly straight forward with only a move to the Em7 after 4 bars then back to the Bm7 after 4 bars.


You then have a guitar line over the F#m7 and Em7.


Then we move the time signature back to normal 4/4 time. playing 2 bars of triplets over a B5 chord which then takes us into the solo.





The solo is predominatly played using Bm pentatonic scale.


Break the solo down into small section, don't try and tackle the solo in one go.


Check your intonation on your bends.


Practice the runs downs on bar 43 & 44


same with bars 51 & 52.


Note that the time signature changes back to 7/8 on bar 53

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