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Parisienne Walkways Trinity Rock & Pop Grade 5

In this lesson we lock at the Classic song Parisienne Walkways by the late Gary Moore.


This song is a combination of a surperb melodic line with wonderful string bending for the intro and theme line before each verse.


The verses feature Gary's great chordal harmony and a wonderful sense of musical theroy and method.



First lets look at the melodic intro.

In the course book you will read that this section is open to interpretation meaning you can add or slightly change the way it it notated on the score. Which is great because Gary would play the intro slightly different depending on his mood at the time.


Here is an example of my interpretation of the intro.

To really get the feel of this intro you need to use a number of whole and half tone string bends.  Here is a short lesson on string bending.


In the verses section you need play each arpeggio cleanly and with an even flow across each string. Take your time learning each chord position then start to work on the arpeggios.

In the final section of the song you have to play an improvised solo.


To do this we need to decide on what scale or scales you can use.


First lets look at the chords in this section.


Am - Dm - Am - F - Em


Without getting to deep into diatonic harmony we need to look for information that will tell us what scale will work over these chords

First indicator is the open chord in the progression is Am, this is the relative minor chord in the C major scale. This chord would be know as the 6th chord or vi chord.


second indicator is the F major chord, in western major scale theory the first note that is sharpened as we move through the keys is F. In C major the F is the fourth note and is also a IV chord which is a major chord. So if we was to write down the notes of C major scale we would get


                        C - D - E - F - G - A - B - C

Now if you read the lesson on diatonic harmony you will see that the chords created from harmonizing this scale are


                        C - Dm - Em - F - G - Am - Bdim - C


As we can see all the chords used in the outro progression appear in the above list.


So we know that using C major or better Am scale   (A - B - C - D - E - F - G - B - C) will work over the chords. We can also use Am pentatonic.


                         A - C - D - E - G - C




Below you can download a backing track that is the outro chord progression in a continual loop so you can experiement with ideas and phrasing without having to keep stopping and starting the track.

Outro section practice loop for Parisienne Walkways
Parisienne Walkways.mp3
MP3 audio file [14.4 MB]
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