Skype guitar lessons
Skype guitar lessons
Skype Guitar Lessons Online
Skype Guitar Lessons Online

Advanced Lessons

Hope you enjoy the lessons that i cover in this section.

Modes Of Melodic Minor
1 jazz minor scale
2 Dorian b2
Dorian b2
3 Lydian #5
Lydian #5Lydian #5
4 Lydian Dominant
5 Mixolydian b6
6 Aeolian b5
7 Altered scale
Modes Of Harmonic Minor
1 Aeolian #7
2 Locrian #6
Dorian b2
3 Ionian #5
Lydian #5Lydian #5
4 Dorian #4
5 Phrygian #3
6 Lydian #2
7 Mixolydian #1

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