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Best Scale Pattern Lesson Ever

In this lesson we look at scale patterns and something that really opened up my soloing, Improvisation, & modal work.


This is a very short lesson but worth its weight in Gold so please read. I am sure you didnt see this before but it's always been right there infront of you.

We all know the Major scale 3 notes per string pattern as shown below.

Now if we saw the same scale played on a Seven string guitar in standard tuning we would see that the low B string has the same whole tone steps between the notes on 3rd and 5th fret.

We also know that the interval in a scale always remain constant so this pattern will be the same whatever major scale we use right.

Now here is the fun thing. The symetrical pattern of whole  whole, then half whole, finally whole half across the strings always stays in that cycle.


This means that we will always have a sequence of 3 whole whole steps followed by 2 half whole steps the followed by 2 whole half steps.


So knowing this we can alway know what is going to be the next pattern in the seqence once we established where we are in the rotation.


Lets have a look at Dorian Mode and see if you can spot the pattern.

Dorian starts of with the last of the whole half steps then has the 3 whole whole steps followed by the 2 half Whole steps.


The position of the first note on each string might change but the sequence doesnt.


Lets look at Phygian Mode

This one is a little harder to see as it starts on the last of the half Whole steps but you can then clearlly see the 2 Whole half steps finally followed by the 3 Whole Whole steps even though the first note on the B & E string have shifted a fret forward.


Now lets see if you can spot the pattern in Lydian & Mixolydian modes.

Mixolydian is possibly the easiest to see because it follows the pattern of that is showed you for the 7 string guitar.


Here are the last two remaining modes for you to spot the pattern.

Once i learned the pattern sequence i found if simpler to play scale runs and apply modes in my soloing. I found it easier to see shapes and position shifts on the fretboard.


I hope this is as helpful to you as it was to me.


I would like to hear your feedback on the lesson.

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