Skype guitar lessons
Skype guitar lessons
Skype Guitar Lessons Online
Skype Guitar Lessons Online

Beginner Lessons

Welcome to the beginners section of the website. In this section we will look at basics information on the Guitar. Introduce you to some stanadrd Chords, How to Tune the Guitar, and some easy picking and strumming techniques that you will find useful. We will also look at some basic music theory to get you on your way.

In this section we will introduce you to the instrument so you will have a better understand of the guitar. Click on images or link for lesson

Parts Of The Guitar

Lets look at the various parts of the guitar.

How To Hold

Learn how to hold the guitar correctly.

Finger & Frets

Lets look at the fingers and the fretboard.

Know The Strings

Lets learn all the open string names

What Is A Chord

Lets learn what a chord is.


Guide To Tablature

Refernce guide to understanding tablature

Chords For The Beginner

E Chord

Learn to play E Major chord.

A Chord

Learn to play A Major chord.

D Chord

Learn how to play D Major Chord.

C Chord

Learn how to play C Major chord.

G Chord

Learn how to play G Major chord.

F Chord

Learn how to play F major chord.

Am Chord

Learn how to play Am chord.

Dm Chord

Learn how to play Dm chord.

Em Chord

Learn how to play Em chord.


Pentatonic Scale

Your first scale.


Am Pentatonic

Learn the Am Pentatonic scale.

G Major Pentatonic

Learn G Major Pentatonic scale.


How to play Mama by Jonas Blue.

7 Years

How to play 7 Years by Lukas Graham.

Take Me Home

How to play Take Me Home by Jess Glynne.

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