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F Major Chord

Here' is the F (F major) Chord



I have purposely left the F major chord till now in the list. This chord is probably going to be the most difficult chord that you will learn as a beginner. This chord involves a double stop on the 1st fret on both the B and the high E string. You do this by placing the 1st finger flat across the two strings ensuring that the notes both ring out cleanly. Then you will place your 2nd finger on the second fret on the G string ensuring that you bridge the finger so it doesn't mute the B string. Then do the same with the 3rd finger placing this on the D string 3rd fret.


Don't get frustrated when you first attempt this chord, it does take time and practice. At first all your fingers will either want to raise and form a bridge lifting the pressure of the B & E strings or your 2nd and 3rd finger will want to lay flat on the strings similar to your 1st finger.


With time and practice i know you will get it right.




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