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3 New Pentatonic Licks To Learn

In this lesson we look at 3 pentatonic licks in Am, that are fun to play and the technique can be used to expand your own playing.



Lick number 1 features a symetrical pattern that moves through all 5 position of the Am pentatonic scale. Here is the lick in notation and tab.

The pattern uses only four notes over a 6 note range. Then it moves to a new position in the pentationic that also has a symetrical shape. This idea continues down the fretboard unitl we reach 3rd and 5th fret.

Lick Number 3 begins with a full tone bend on the B string then descends down the scale. Then uses the symetrical patterns from the previous Lick number 1

In Lick Number 3 we break out of the usual Blues style lick. This lick has a slide followed by two ascending 5th interval. It then slides up into position 4 of the pentatonic scale with a decending and ascending line followed by two more 5th interval parts.

The next lesson we will look how we can bring these lick into out playing.

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