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Learn To Play Hocus Pocus

In this lesson i show you how to play Hocus Pocus by the Dutch progresive 70's band Focus.


The song can be broken down into 3 sections, The main riff starts of with a pedal tone riff played over the A string. Then followed by some interesting Chords more reminicant of a Jazz progression than a rock song. Here is the tab for the opening sequence.

Here are the chords for the first part of the main riff

Here is the tab for the end part of the main riff

Now we have the yodelling section that uses major and minor descending arpeggios

Final part is the ascending double stop bending. To play this you bend the note on the B string up until it is the same pitch as the note on the E string.


Here is the tab

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I have more lessons in the works but if you have ideas for a lessons please let me know.

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