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How To Play Living After Midnight By Judas Priest

Living After Midnight By Judas Priest - Guitar Lesson Tutorial


This is my second full length lesson tutorial of a song by Judas Priest. One of my students wanted me to show him how to play a fairly easy song by Judas Priest and I thought this on fitted the bill.


It uses simple bar chords and its just a matter of watching your counting to get the chord changes in time.


Hope you enjoy, I am sure their will be more Judas Priest coming soon.

"Living After Midnight"  was originally featured on their 1980 album British Steel, which was their first gold album in the United States selling more than 500,000 copies (and eventually went platinum for selling at least 1 million). The song speaks to the hedonistic, rebellious spirit of the late 1970s and early 1980s, and is among the band's most popular songs.


It was covered by Disturbed on the Tribute to British Steel (2010) CD by Metal Hammer UK music magazine, incorporating the opening drum salvo from "Painkiller". It also appears as one of the bonus songs available with some distributions of Asylum (2010), and also features on their B-sides compilation album The Lost Children (2011).


The guitar solo in the song is played by Glenn Tipton.

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