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Pentatonic Scale and the CAGED System

In this lesson we will look at the major Pentatonic scale and how we can use the positions of the scale alongside the CAGED system.

From our previous lesson on the CAGED system we know that the sequence remains constant regardless of which chord shape we started from. The is also applies to the Pentatonic scale. The 5 position of the pentatonic scale actually fit over each chord form.


In the diagram below we can first see the postion of C Major Pentatonic start from the C note on the Low E string on eight fret.

Now we over lay the chord forms for the C chord starting from form 1 C chord using the open strings.

Now you have a scale form around each chord form so with practice no matter which position you are playing the scale you have a chord form sitting inside the scale position. Of course it work in the reverse when using a chord form you have a scale form around the chord you are using.

Practice  using each chord form and using the scale form that envelops each chord until you can confidently use them in your chord progressions.

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