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Power Up Your Pentatatonic Scales (Dorian Mode)

In this lesson i show you how to get more out of playing your standard pentatonic scale position.

Did you know that by playing your normal pentatonic scale pattern a whole step higher (2 Frets), you will be adding the Dorian Note ( Major 6th Interval) to the solos.


Please watch the video lesson as i demonstrate how and why this works.

First lets look at the notes of the Am pentatonic scale


A  C  D  E  G  A

 A = Root,    C = Flat 3rd,  D = 4th,  E = 5th, G = Flat 7th

So lets now look at the A Dorian scale

A  B  C  D  E  F#  G  A

A Dorian is the second mode of the G Major scale hence the reason why we have the F# in the scale.

Here is is on the fret board.

A = Root, B = 2nd,  C = flat 3rd, D = 4th, E = 5th, F# = Maj6th, G = flat 7th

Okay here is the fun part, if we move the pentatonic scale position up a whole step (2 frets then play the scale we now have access to the B note ( 2nd) and more importantly the F# (Maj 6th) which is the Dorian note.

Now lets see the the two scales side by side on the fretboard.

So by moving between the the 2 position you can play the Dorian mode by using the familiar pentationic scale.

To help you practice and get used to the sound of the Dorian mode i have a backing track that is great for playing practising using the method.

Have fun see you again soon.

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