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Women Def Leppard Guitar Lesson

How to play Women by Def Leppard full guitar lesson including solos.


Def Leppard songs are always a challenge to teach due to complexity of guitar overdubs and harmonies. I have tried to cover how you can play this as a single guitar player.



Please PM me if you would like a copy of the backing track.


Hope you enjoy the lesson i will be posting the tabs shortly.


"Women" was released by Def Leppard in 1987 from the album Hysteria. It was the first single of the album released in the United States. The song was also released as a single in Canada, Australia, Japan, and was part of a double-A side single with "Animal" in Germany. In most other parts of the world, "Animal" was the first single released from the album.


The single's B-side, "Tear It Down", was written during a recording session following the completion of the Hysteria album, where the band laid down several tracks intended as B-sides for the Hysteria singles. Subsequently, the song itself received radio airplay and was later performed by the band live at the 1989 MTV Video Music Awards.

The band later re-recorded "Tear It Down" for the Adrenalize album.


The music video for "Women" focuses on a boy who reads a comic book outside an abandoned warehouse while the band performs inside. The comic book, titled "Def Leppard and the Women of Doom!", features a skateboarding protagonist named Def Leppard, who travels to a distant planet and battles evil aliens to liberate female robots.

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