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Ripples By Genesis Guitar Lesson

Second song from the 1976 Genesis album Trick Of The Tail. Which sadly was the last album to feature the guitar playing of Steve Hackett.


The song was written by Mike Rutherford and features some rather complex guitar arrangements with the aide of Steve Hackett.


In this lesson i have taken elements of both guitars and combined them to create a version that can be played on a solo guitar.


The chord charts are available for download by clicking on the link below

I have also used a capo on the 2nd fret. I was watching a video of Genesis playing live and a saw that Rutherford was playing the song with a capo. This made the chords easier to play.


Hope you have fun learning this song, don't forget to check out my other lessons by Genesis.



Ripples Chords Chart Part 1
Ripples Chords Prt 1.png
Portable network image format [42.7 KB]
Ripples Chord Chart Part 2
Ripples Chords Prt 2.png
Portable network image format [36.9 KB]
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