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How To Play Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son By Iron Maiden

This is the final part of the tribute to this classic album from Maiden.


This is a very long song so i have broken it down into section with the links below. I strongly suggest that you download either the pdf tabs or better still use the GP7 file that you can download from my website.


If you have never tried Guitar Pro then i would strongly recommend that you give it a try, you can download the program free for 30 days following this link.


If you want to go to a specfic point in the song here are the time links.


Part 1 2:02
Part 1 Adrian Smith 3:55
Riff A Dave Murray 7:12
Verse 9:23
Pat 1 11:00
Chorus 12:10
Part 2 14:28
Part 3 15:23
Part 2 Harmony 16:49
Instrumental Section 18:08
Instrumental Adrian Smith 22:13
Interlude 23:41
Riff 2 26:23
Part 4 27:43
Riff D 29:20
Part 6 32:08
Part 7 34:05
Outro 36:37

Iron Maiden - Seventh Son Of A Seventh S[...]
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