Skype guitar lessons
Skype guitar lessons
Skype Guitar Lessons Online
Skype Guitar Lessons Online

Professional Guitar Lessons

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The Technical Setup for Skype

There are plenty of upgrades you can make to your equipment to improve the quality of your session, but I’ll start with a bare bones setup which should be enough to get you off the ground.


Here’s the minimum setup you’ll need:

  • High-speed internet connection to get online
  • Computer, with enough processing power to send and receive streaming video and audio (anything on today’s market can handle it)
  • Webcam, either built-in on a laptop or bought separately
  • Microphone, again either built-in or separate
  • A Skype account. Click here to create an account

Want to learn how to play the guitar, or take your playing to the next level?


You have been playing Guitar for sometime, but feel like your not progressing?


You want to take lessons but your work schedule is constantly changing?


You dont think Your good enough for online lessons?


If you answered Yes to any of these questions then you should contact me now to discuss how i can help you.

Your Teacher:  I have been teaching students for over 30 years in various countries around the world. During my career as a teacher i have developed a style that has been tested and proven to work. 


Having earned a Licentiate Degree in teaching from Trinity College Of London, I fully understand the process of good teaching.


I Combine this with my enthusiasm and love of the Guitar, I can guarantee you will find my lessons both educational and enjoyable.




Skype Lessons for all levels & ages, I cover a variety of styles including Rock, Blues, Metal, & Jazz. Lessons require a computer or laptop, broadband Internet connection, webcam and microphone. I have lots of information on my main Skype page so either click on the picture above or click here



My online guitar lessons cover specific ideas and learning skills. whether it be introductions to a style of music or a short course on a certain technique, like sweeping, or legato. In this section you will find information on Theory, Technique and expanding your chops.



In the Free guitar lesson section you will find lots of information that everyone can learn and enjoy. They can either be in the form of a video or written music theory explaining a certain topic or element of playing the guitar. New material is being added all the time so keep checking in.

Guitar Pro: tablature and standard notation editor

Featured Lessons

Here are a selection of lessons available in this website

Classic Rock

Learn how to play Ten Years Gone by Led Zeppelin. Note by note tutorial on how to play this classic song by one of the greatest bands ever.

Beginners Guide

The beginners guide series of lessons is the essential guide for anyone starting to learn how to play the guitar. The lessons covers chords, scales, and strumming patterns.

Play That Riff

In this series of video lesson i show you how to play some of the most popular riffs ever played on the guitar. New lessons are being added every week.

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